the “weight” of TRUTH…

04 Mar
the “weight” of TRUTH…



Imagine a River…


is a sifting tool,

through it run the GOLDS

of GREED’S fools.

Those that wade

‘mongst the banking

spy the twinkles of “WEIGHT”.

some is pure, most is PYRITES

acid’s stress gives “RATE”.

As the flow spreads the riches

there are inquisitives.


there’s “enough” to give.


The “News” is a RIVER. The constants that “fall” upon “US”  is, either,

absorbed, or rolls off  to gather, “pooling”, or flowing toward a “lesser” position.

The streams rake the areas where the “minerals” are sifted, and redistributed,

sometimes to reveal the weightier “elements” of the ‘GROUNDS’ of LIFE’S TERRAINS.

The GOLD is the ‘TRUTH’ of any “MATTER”. PYRITE is the impure cousin… similar to

the sight, and TOUCH, BUT, FAILING the CHARACTER of theTRUTH.

Those that wade said “stream” KNOW their SOURCE, and will “toss” a few nibs to a

“distance”. Whether the recipiant has the “TOOLS” to test, then USE, the RICHES ARE

THEIR CHOICE! But, those that SHOVEL the PYRITES to the ignorant, denigrate the



The plaquard Au-H2O was something presented in 1964, it was close to becoming

PROTUS. The truth of WAR, and HOW DIFFERENT RACES were treated, REMOVED

the probability.

TODAY HAS BEEN Washed in VODKA, inebriating many to WHERE “WE” are

this day. To deny the DRUNK DRIVING CHARGES, after WRECKING the “LAMBO”,

and PUKING on the OFFICER’S SHOES, is an ILLNESS that should be treated A.S.A.P..


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