“OHIO”:Coinsidence through ABE

11 Feb

“xiè-xie nín”… [ ]

“ohayō gozaimasu”…  [ ]

(” “= look these up for thyself.)


The day started with anticipating the visuals of Tramp*/Abe , *( “No “VOWEL” THOUGHTS= No “VOWEL” DECISIONS.), doing ‘live’ Jim Henson-ished POLY-TICK-AL(L) , pre-FLOG* for the Nation. *( Everthing is BACKWARDS!)


As I let the final ten minutes co to … THEMSLVES I walked to the local CORNER Store/ Carry-out to wager on two national “got-chas”. Looking BOTH WAYS I saw a LARGE SUV being pushed up the Twelve foot elevation of driveway by SEVEN MEN… TWO= AFRICA, (Ethiopia and Somalia),TWO= MEXICO, ( Oaxaca and Chihuahua) AND ONE “CAUCASIAN”… [Blumenbach considered the skulls of the Georgians to be the epitome of the white race, and he named the first class of humans after the country’s home in the Caucasus Mountains. Blumenbach’s class of Caucasians included most Europeans, Northern Africans, and Asians as far east as the Ganges Delta in modern India.

The REASON that I “may” be specific IS that I ASKED them.  What a MORIFYING DEVELOPMENT to happen “SEW” SOON after the events of this last EIGHT YEARS, and the , (“Japanese PRONUNCIATION”.), “erection” of the New PROTUS. THIS may have caused a NATIONAL THROMBOSIS.

To those that HAVE been “praying” to “SEE” such as this… It DID .

As to the Gentleman that had run his gas tank DRY, I asked “IF HE was going to CHURCH this SUNDAY?” His responce was that He HADN’T been for “A TIME”. I said that “It may BE a GREAt TIME to DELIVER SOME “GOOD NEWS”.

The most IRONIC part of this IS that it HAPPENED at the intersection of GREENLAWN and, Harmon.. Going west along GREENLAWN leads one to…


Samuel Prescott Bush (1863 – 1948) – Find A Grave Memorial

                                                                                                                              )… the only



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