Judge NOT the “TITLE’S import

08 Feb
Judge NOT the “TITLE’S import





Watch The Talk Episodes | Season 7 |
The Talk 2010 | TV Show Watchlist. Metacritic Score: … 7, Episode 95. February 8, 2017 … Singer LeAnn Rimes; entertainment editor Lindsay Miller. Season 7 …
On Wednesday, February EIGHTH,TWO-Thousand Seventeen I watched “THE TALK”.
The subject lead was about an Airport JANITOR that made $250,000.00 due to His ‘OVERTIME’.
When the converstaion got to Sharon Osbourne,she made a ‘comment’ about “HOW Much MONEY” “A” janitor’s job description “should” allow them.
As One of the STAGEHANDS that WORKED to FINISH the BUILD, then WORK the production of HELLO-HOLLYWOOD-HELLO/ [ “Hello Hollywood, Hello:” Iconic stage show still resonates in Reno ……/hello-hollywood-hello…/5090905/
Feb 1, 2014 – “Hello Hollywood, Hello!” played to nearly 7 million people from 1978 to 1989, when Bally’s, which had taken over ownership of the MGM, … ] /.
In that, I REMEMBER when the show’s PRODUCER “noticed” that BOOKINGS were astronomical, and that there “needed” to be ANOTHER “SHOW” ADDED. The choice was to do so on the WEEKEND. At that “WE” were notified to report ealier, to “present” a TRIAL PRODUCTION. The UNION STAGEHANDS WERE TO BE PAID… the DANCERS and, ALL ELSE were NOT. As the ‘crew’ dicussed the UNFAIRNESS of the SCENARIO one of the senior staff asked around of WHAT to DO about “giving” the UNPAID their “RECOMPENCE” for the UNJUSTICE. Whereupon a STAGE-LEFT HAND offered to go INTO the EMPTY LION’S cage, (LEO graced the show’s finale by standing upon a revolving Turn-Table, just like at the end of a Movie.), diguised. A “SKULLED MASK, and BLACK Feathered Wrist-bands were the crux of the ruse. The Hand had been given an exact color (SKIN) matching ‘G-String’ by “CO-CO”, the oldest LEAD MALE Dancer, as “A JOKE”, that PROVED to be a HARBINGER of “NEED”.
The Show went “ON”! And, the STAGEHAND climbed into the CAGE. TO NOT ONE of the PERFORMER’S KNOWLEDGE. The hand had the “strength” to not laugh to much, as the STERLINGLY WHITE CLAD PERFORMERS MARCHED to the “STRAINS” of the finale’s end, to GESTURE to the LEO-LESS CALLIOPED CAGE, to the DONN ARDEN TERMED…
The culprit was an OHIO born/”bred” EX 360 pound “BLACK-KID” from the city that gave the ‘UNION’, THE…
USS Planter (1862) – Wikipedia
USS Planter (1862) was a steamer taken over by Robert Smalls, a Southern slave and ship’s pilot who steered the ship past Confederate defenses and …
‎Service under the Confederacy · ‎Service in the Union Navy

Segment Archives – Page 12 of 64 – Columbus Neighborhoods

Confederate General Roswell Ripley and Slave Robert Smalls. Roswell Ripley Ohio Historical Marker in Worthington, Ohio. Worthington born Roswell Ripley …

There ARE “times” when “the LEAST” do “enough” to WARRENT…
addendum to “ALL HANDS ON DECK” (01-31-2017):
[ ]

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