27 Jan

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A little boy went to Church for the first time, in His life.

Upon his return home his Grandmother asked him,”what did You learn in Sunday School, today” ?

The excitement of the lesson was overwhelming, in scope, for him.               “Granny, (!), there’s THIEVES in the Wheatfields!!!”

His Ganny looked at him with astonishment, grabbing the ruffle at her neck…                  ” OH, MY, (!), did ANYONE tell the Bishops of the Parish about this news?!?” “And, WHO was the one that said this, that can verify the claim?”

The youngster looked a tad worried, but “KNEW” that if “they” said SO, in CHURCH, then it HAS to BE “TRUE”, Granny always said that “YOU CAN’T LIE about ANYTHING IN GOD’S HOUSE !”

So, he gathered his “lesson”, and told Granny, “The Sunday School Teacher had us sing a SONG… “BRINGING IN THE THIEVES”, they talked about how wonderful it was to CATCH’EM  with all that CEREAL piled up out there.


This IS, VERY MUCH, of “HOW” the next FOUR YEARS appear to be molding, ( double entendre!!), into “OUR” DEMOCRA-TIC(K) , ‘machine’. The UNDERSTANDING of those “things” presented NEED to be explained, and CLARIFIED TO those that “have” the “CHARGE”/  IMPETUS of “DAILY LIFE”.



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