The “need” for massive “ORBS”

17 Jan
The “need” for massive “ORBS”

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In the coming days there will be MANY that express the CARROTS of “becomming”. With that, the SCREAMS of “ONE” that HAS NOT been benefitted by “our” FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT. For, going ON EIGHT YEARS an OPPOSITE SCENARIO has been IGNORED by the LOCAL, (i.e. COLUMBUS, OHIO), ‘NEWS’ agencies, as THEY ‘SEEM’ to not have the CAJONAS to “DELVE” into the FULL VOLUMES of the MANY Municipal, STATE entities that are “supposed” to PROTECT rthe ‘common’ CITIZEN.

I CALL OUT one  JAWEED KALEEM to accept the CHALLENGE that “GUUD-OLE- AHMERKIN” “journalists”, of the mid-west, ARE being threatened to be GELDED to not ‘report’.

If there IS any BRAVERY within the RANKS of the L.A. Times, let the ABOVE named “ALGER” tackle the POLITICAL SLIM-GUY that is trying to abscond with “a” life.( One HINT IS to BE found, recently, at USBANK Field… Site MANAGEMENT= S.M.G., who were the company that FAILED to report a Serious INJURY, Ohio Bureau of Workers “Compensation” case # 09-868907) Facility TRUSTEE:  [ ]- John Rafeal.

The SON of the OHIO INDUSTRIAL COMMISSION Chairman Thought that he had destroyed the COVERUP. I’ll LEAVE “things” at this point, to see if Mr. KALEEM/ L.A. Times will VENTURE to gather some “OLD” news that HAS been grooming this author as the new TELEMACHUS.

Having, “once upon a time”, worked in a small GAMBLING BURG. I’d LIKE to see if the above can play a card game that ONLY goes from ONE to ZERO=

Baccarat Chemin de Fer …


——— Addendum:

Mr. Kaleem. Thsi IS “what” I’ve been “going through” for SEVEN YEARS !

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