29 Oct

just WHO respects

your UH-thor-ih-ties?

when plethoric holes

for justice’s loops applied.


the few that know

where ‘right’s’ knots undone.

don’t need collusions

by who runs.


‘protect’ and, SERVE

need more diverse targets

especially as FREEDOM’S FIGHT



I contacted Avery Friedman about my scenario with the State of  Ohio “GOB-MINT” agencies that ARE covering up a PLETHORA of collusion actions against, not only my self, ( loss of dominant hand use ON/AT JOB= S.M.G., a COMCAST subsidiary… AT&T, for abusing my bank acct., which is similar to what COMCAST IS TO PAY FOR on FEDERAL charges. AN INJURY ‘LAWYER’ THAT THOUGHT HE’D DESTROYED  the previous’ shenanigans of playing BOTH SIDES… AND, BEING the SON of the OHIO INDUSTRIAL COMMISSION’S CHAIRMAN, just to WHET the LYMBIC part of a “reader’s” mind.), the jurist declined, stating that it may be too hard/ expensive…

It IS such.

But, ONLY to those that must ENDURE the LENGTHS of the DENIAL of RIGHTS/ JUSTICE. Television stars must keep the focus of the “PROMPTER”, otherwise any sort of “interest” is LOST. It’s “easy” being a CIVIL RIGHTS lawyer, when NOT SO MANY of the POPULATION AREN’T being MASS LYNCHED…


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