“Eye Ain’t TOO-PID”

28 Sep



Locust-Mind: When “Learning Disabilities” become the FORCE of Extraordinary Learning.

As the term “Learning Dis- Ability” has become the accepted expression of how those that have a NON- “NORMAL” capacity to garner the common educational tactics of “Life” Informations there has been an “overlooking” of the many ways that these individuals DO “LEARN” to skirt the biases to, not only, achieve “normal” functionalities of ‘communications’ of daily life but, to also excel in many due to the constant “researches” used to reassemble the “confusing” through finding and implementing BETTER avenues of INSIGHT/ INCITE and situational “puzzle” recognitioning.

There are many instances of those that have the “SAVANT” trait, ( See the definition in a Dictionary, then study the term ” IDIOT SAVANT”.), where the individual has severe inabilities to function as “normal” people in “everyday” tasks and functions are found to be unnecessary after all. Einstein was brilliant. He could ride a bicycle seated BACKWARDS but COULD NOT TIE HIS SHOELACES INTO a common BOW. The Movie based on Kim Peak, ( “RAIN MAN”), told of how a severe “learning disability” was “offset” with equally severe “LEARNED”/ “BLESSED WITH” ABILITIES that surpassed, not ONLY “NORMAL” but the capabilities of what many Computer Scientists program into the most sophisticated assemblages of Silicone wafer stackages YET! ( The person writing this piece in DYSLEXIC AND “DYSCALCULIC”,as well as O.C.P.D. (Obsessive-Compulsive- PERSONALITY-”Disorder”), [ “dyscalculic” IS like dyslexia as the NUMERALS “change” their deposited locations, causing the SUM to become wrong.], making this posit all the more, hopefully, valid.)

As the many books that have been written about “WHAT” can bring “success” into the lives of those searching there is “one” fact that seems to ghost itself across the pages but, is MOSTLY, overlooked by those gleaning the informations. An example of this is in the NAPOLEON HILL best-seller: THINK AND GROW RICH, ( McGraw-Hill Publishers/ 1963). In this day of “FOR-PROFIT” education entities / ‘SCHOOLS’, which appear to be EVERY such entity, from Pre-School to University in this Nation. (If a Corporation has need to form the basis of their educative requirements “OF BUSINESS” the common practice extending PAST the GIFTINGS bequeathed by ALUMNAE is for that Corporation to alter the curriculum(s) through the “SPONSORSHIP” of a School SPORTS FACILITY, ( FOOTBALL, BASEBALL, BASKETBALL.). Add the Company FOUNDER’S “GIFT” of / to the BUSINESS School, Engineering School, APPLIED, or other,Science Departments… ANYTHING that “may” be that “RETURN-ON-INVESTMENT”.). Mr. Hill wrote in chapter VII: Organized Planning: The Crystallization of DESIRE INTO ACTION. ( LEADERSHIP)…

“Some FERTILE Fields in WHICH “New Leadership” WILL BE REQUIRED”….”Before leaving this chapter, your attention is called to a few of the fertile fields in which there have been a decline of leadership, and in which a new type of leader may find an abundance of opportunity”.

First: in the field of POLITICS there is a most insistent demand for new leaders, a demand which indicates nothing less than an emergency.

Second: the Banking business is undergoing a reform.

Third: industry calls for new leaders. The future leader in industry, to endure, must regard him/ HER-self as a quasi-public official whose duty is to manage their trust in such a way that it will work hardship on no individual, or group of individuals.

Fourth: the religious leader of the future will be forced to give more attention to the temporal need of his followers, in the solution of their economic and personal problems of the present, and less attention of a dead, “or” reconstructed past, and the, yet, unborn future.

FIFTH: (+) in the professions of law, medicine, and EDUCATION, a new “BRAND” of leadership, and to some extent, new leaders will become a necessity. This is especially true in the field of education. The leader in that field must, in the future, find ways and means of teaching people HOW to apply the knowledge they receive in school. “He” must deal more with practice and less with theory.

Sixth: new leaders will be required in the field of journalism.”

ALL the above came after the chapter of IMAGINATION. The inner “assembly plant” (Hunter/GATHERER), of the Human Mind. That place that advertently, or inadvertently, goes about retrieving the myriad of stimuli packed into our synapses so that whatever “life” places around us may be attended to.

So, what is to happen to those that the “world” has deemed “lacking”, or “IMPAIRED”? There are Federal and State agencies that are mandated to assist the Abbey “Gnaurmalls” that seek them, or have been placed into their systems. How often do the agents of these entities REALLY examine those that sit before them without the timbre of an INSTITUTIONAL DEFINITION droning / drowning the radically FREE assembly of uncharted BRILLIANCES away from their accepted LISTS? Haven’t they realized that many of the tools now accepted as “NORMAL” in use were / ARE far beyond the mind-set of those NORMAL before the decade past, now the TOY of this decade’s infants?

There MUST be an avenue that those of a different type of “learning”, that can show the “normal” how to OPEN the field of thought. The problems of TODAY have been the product of what HAS been accepted BY the “NORMAL”, to far too many’s detriment. Whoa to the society that deems the construction of the posit void when it just may solve the quandaries that are vexing said society.

To that the WORLD just may be on the verge of allowing the “adulteration” of the accepted / proffered NORMAL. When that ODES, (AND WILL!), happen the ‘STONES’ of rules will shatter. And the scribes and severe adherents of such will become displaced for a time until THEY can accept the “different” types of the ways the Human MIND goes about the business of putting together the many things that it does. And when that “day” arrives the Wheats previously sown are in JEOPARDY.


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