Recognize THEM for what they ARE

15 Sep
Recognize THEM for what they ARE





“THEY”… Are the Terran-Nickles, Conductors of the ‘GENERATOR’, the “power”, broken, into Creches of Mites, and other “innocent” VERMIN. These ‘beings’ are NOT genetically brought about, but, ELECTED… either BY self, or through the “pack” allowing them to PUSH their way to the “FRONT” of the THRONG.

“WE” have chosen to let these few to present their thimblerigs, from behind whatever CURTAIN PATTERN suits them… or ‘us’. As “WE” set about to ‘follow’ “THE RULES” that were set BEFORE, and that “WE” HAVE agreed to FOLLOW, the Terran-Nickles consult/ CON-SPIRE with those in need of “MORE”. How this IS achieved is via the “need-SOME” dangling the varied “treats” for the Terran-Nickles… even a favored ‘poison’.

As “WE” continue to place these PROGRESS SAPPING TOOLS into the FOUNDRY of FREEDOM we’ll, soon, find that “they” have found ways to “toss” themselves into the “MACHINE”, making for DIS-FUNCTION, and having “their” “owner”-/’CRAFtSMEn’, KNOWINGLY being called to “repair” the MAL-FUNCTION, while saving the “TOOL” for FURTHER “administration(s)”. All the while PREVENTING ‘better’ equipped to remain UNUSABLE, even though “More” precise, and DURABLE.



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