26 Aug



Since no-one has been agreeable to the previous post I asked “a POWER Greater than Myself” to provide me with something to GIVE this world/ nation. As it IS…

With the INSIDIOUS nature of “CONTROL” I “garnered” that it would be an extraordinary ACTION for CHILDREN of “any” particular ‘Church’ to INVITE the OFFICERS of the local POLICE PRECINCT. ( I “grew” up within the African Methodist Episcopal Church.) I called the THIRD DISTRICT offices, and spoke to the day’s Secretary. Delivering the premise that the Children , and Officers meet to talk about MOST ANYTHING that “concerned” them. Doing so while a few ADULTS “supervised” while BAKING some COOKIES while the meeting of GREAT MINDS were taking place. The ‘COOKIES’ ARE to be SHAPED as, either, a SHERIFF’S, or POLICE OFFICER’S BADGE. The GROUP has flavored ICING “PENS” to make the cookie look as authentic as possible. Also giving ARTISTIC FAVOR to the event. As the intermingling grows a child asks the Officer that they find most “…” to be “allowed” to PLACE THEIR BADGE NUMBER ON the COOKIE! When all is completed, those that chose their “TWIN of UNDERSTANDING” BREAK the COOKIE  IN HALF… SHARING the other HALF .

I, ALSO CALLED the COLUMBUS, OHIO CHIEF of POLICE, ( KIM JACOBS), to broach the idea to a RESPONSIBLE agent of “A” Government entity. THIS WAS THREE DAYS AGO.

I chose the A.M.E. Church because it started in Philadelphia, PA, by RICHARD ALLEN. Also, to the fact that WILBERFORCE UNIVERSITY  was aided, in funding, by Salmon P. Chase, []. The other factor IS that since this IS another “PRESIDENTIAL” ELECTION YEAR, and  the FIRST elected “FREE NEGRO” was REPUBLICAN. ( TRUMP wouldn’t believe this.), and WORSHIPED as an A.M.E. member.

Of all the crazinesses happening “one” WOULD THINK that a SLIVER of an “OLIVE BRANCH”, in the form of a “TAD PAST AMBER” set of GRAINS might touch all the idioms that most espouse to the GREATNESS “WE” are to HAVE BUILT HERE.



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