ON Too Many “LEVELS”

09 Aug
ON Too Many “LEVELS”

I’m “going” to VOTE for SHAITAN, at the least I KNOW that it WILL be a shorter period of TIME that the END of the WORLD, “as “WE” know it”” will be accomplished.

The previous post told of how OFTEN I’D contacted/ (hit the “unsubscribe”!) line of EACH, AND EVERY “E(eeee!)- TRUMPET” sent by the over-ZEALOUS staffers of  the party I’d supported.

TWO CALLS, one to the OHIO DNC, the NEXT, to the WASHINGTON,D.C. offices. Having to explain, REPEATEDLY,the ‘problem’, the phone JOCKIES that WASTED the effort of “UN… DER… “SHTANDING”” the event’s uselessnesses PROMPTLY sent me to a CON-NECK-SHUN with NO HUMAN available.

In the VOTING for the reasons that would, USUALLY, make me put the “SHOELEATHER EXPRESS” into CASEY JONES’ mode of the “split-hoofed” workaholic, I’m going to point out the bearer of IVORY to allow FATE’S POACHERS to find their target.

Since this election IS about re-instituting the values of that were the “LYNCH’-pins of COLOSSUS’, ( LANTERN BEARER my thought WAS to GENTLY notify the younger troops of an impending self-immolation… too late…


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