EAU “Hill”… KNOW

06 Aug
EAU “Hill”… KNOW

There’s NOT much to “say” about the ‘current’ temper-mint of these “E-lections”.

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Hillary for OH Grove City Office Opening!


Michelle Villegas <>

2:32 PM (7 hours ago)

Images are not displayed.Dis:

Hello Friend,

You’re invited to attend the grand opening for the Hillary for Ohio office in Grove City! Come meet other great campaign volunteers and staff and learn how to get more involved in the campaign. We will also be hosting special guest Michelle Kwan!

Where: Grove City Office/ When: Thursday August, 11 at 7:00pm 

RSVP to join us

Inline image 1

We hope to see you there!


D’Ellis R. McCammon

9:52 PM 

to Michelle

YOU ARE the EIGHTH IDIOTAH to bother me! I’VE REQUESTED the same many TIMES to REMOVE ME FROM HILLARY’S “reported”  UNCONTROLLABLE EMAIL distribution. The INAPPROPRIATE : OH …. YES IS further proof that ANY “CON-DI-DATE”  is NOT anything more than a “VALLEY” child. To “think” that THIS “is” better than the pseudo-Nazi of “DISS-INN-generous”. Have some control! (Or GET SOME!)

Being the FIRST GENERATION to VOTE at 18 years of age HAS turned into WATCHING “OF, BY, FOR” turn into OFF,BUY,FORE.
WE, of COLOR, have had ENOUGH!

I HAVE ALL the PROPER  TOOLS to make THE correct DECISION, (for MY future.), for THIS NOVEMBER. In BOMBARDING  “me” this way I WON’T have the TIME to go to a POLL, due to having to REMOVE ALL THIS *POLITICAL SHRAPNEL. 

  • ( “Politics”= POLY: MANY,  TICK: AN ambush hunting, Disease RIDDLED,  BLOOD SUCKING ANIMAL.)
  • NES’T PAS!?! 

In 2008 the electoral gift idea came to me via this very type of coercion, bringing about the items available at

I’ve sent examples to *ELLEN DeGeneres, Steve Harvey Stephen Colbert, and James Corden… to NO AVAIL. ( Granny panties, sports “jockeys”, tighty whities,  Grandpa’s boxers.). The logo sits on the RIGHT SIDE, so that STANDING BACK-to-BACK WITH “your” NEIGHBOR makes for BOTH SIDES COVERED!


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