21 Jul

IMAGINE , not as JOHN said. IMAGINE, [], how those that, NOW ,wish to see DONALD TRUMP become “THEIR” President, will “RESPOND” to PUTIN’S ‘syrup-titious ‘ seekings.

As “TIMES LIKE THESE” may be having many of “US” using the VALLEY, (…”of the shadow of DEATH”), GURLL nomenclature “OHH MAGOG”(!!!). The SEPTU-, OCTO-, NONO-GENARIANS that HAVE SEEN the repercussions of HATE gone “NATIONAL”/ ENTER-NATIONAL may be going through “SELECTIVE GRAND MYOSIS”, [], then passing such along to those that swear by instruments that they “believe” they “CONTROL”.

For the past NINE YEARS the mantra of that I ‘JOT’ IS… “The ONLY FEE for OUR FREEDOMS IS for US to PAY ATTENTION !!!!!(x10)

For this Nation to hold such a gravitas decision process in a city that can, actually SET IT’S own RIVER ON FIRE,




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