16 Jul
DUMB-AS_-IS Unsubscribe… THREE WEEKS LATER(!)= inattention x TEN.

after “Thank you” MULED PARTY “one” WOULD THINK that during as SIGNIFICANT a time as this YEAR IS that those who ‘had’ been one’s Political rally post would PAY ATTENTION to “WHATEVER” may be a fault-line to the ‘building’ of some PROPER DIRECTION.

Since my being part of the INITIAL group of AMERICANS that were allowed to VOTE at the age of 18 I’ve ‘believed’ in the workaholic Equine. It appears that there has been a “taste” of too much “bass” in the old “rocker’s” hearing aids. “They” can’t tell WHAT’S being TOLD.

For the FIRST time I may NOT VOTE in ANY elective action. I’m “OLD”, and don’t “care” about WHAT FAILURE is chosen to run this NATION. Those that had been chosen to provide the “best” for the CITIZENRY HAVE CHOSEN to be the PIMP of  corporations, instead of being the “SHEPHERDS” designated by their JUDAEO-“CHRISTIAN” DECLARATION … “OF/BY/FOR”.  If the day of my hearing Louis Armstrong, Al Hirt ,and Dizzy Gillespie playing RAM’S HORNS is only until NOVEMBER I will be trying to not say “I TOLD YOU SO”, in the rhythm/TEMPO of Captain Kangaroo’s Mrs. Mouse.

I ‘may’ be going to ‘HELL’, but ETERNITY won’t be THIS PAINFUL.


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