08 Jul

In “this” war between the races it’s NOT the “WIN” OR “LOSE”.

the persecutor winces

as “BANQUET’S” table turns

the “first”to drive to PLYMOUTH

now view how PAST unlearned


’tis Hate in revamped garments

though “style” just, slightly changed

these “white sales” on “black ‘Fridays'”



hard TEARS tear past skew’s vision

no dis-belief in facts

just WHEN will “WE” be “Man-KIND”

exchange the DUMB-“ASSED”  acts

It HAS been ANOTHER “day” of “the “WAR” between the races”. The simplicity of the triggers COULD be MADE MUCH MORE DIFFICULT to ACTUATE via a FEW “EASY” tools. I PROPOSE one such “TOOL” to be that of a RESTRUCTURING of the MILITARISTIC TERM: “NO QUARTER”… *[]… in that EVERY CITIZEN, (Be they “FROM” within “THESE” / “OURS”, or not!), OF ANY HUE to ACTUALLY SHOW AN appreciation TO their ‘FELLOW’ HUMAN , (Especially between those that ARE receiving the MOST TRAUMA: THE “BLACK(S) AND, BLUE(S)” /African-Americans / Police.

If, for the REST of THIS CENTURY, that EACH TIME an ENCOUNTER were MET with ONE GIVING  the other a circular piece of U.S. coinage, worth ONE-FOURTH of a DOLLAR*, to HONOR those that HAVE SUFFERED FOR  the BLATANT MISUNDERSTANDINGS perpetrated by those that NEVER wanted THIS WORLD to BE as GREAT as it COULD. One Quarter, to HELP OFFSET the PAINS , and SUFFERINGS… to be TRANSFERRED “TO” the FAMILIES, “benevolent” organizations. To SHOW enough COMPASSION that the “WAR” COULD be ENDED … without re-ignition.

Those receiving the gesture to feel the WEIGHT of the coin to recognize its POTENTIAL for TRUTH’S GROWTH / WORTH.


In dreaming, the EYES DON’T NEED to be CLOSED.




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