“Old Age”

18 Jul

As the last section of the “Baby Boom” era I find that the following generation has NO CLUE to the “WHATS” that are ‘in store’ for them. The medical INDUSTRY IS hand-in-hand, with companies that believe they CAN override the CREATOR’S rule book. And, through the ‘mushiness’ of the latest grey matters, the simplicity of “BARNUMIZATION” provides an easement into the conditions of their “lives”. As the BOMBARDMENTS of sales tactics grows ever MORE brusque… Since when does an OLDER WOMAN “NEED” to ingest / inject a “MATERIAL” to facilitate the ability to perform a CONJUGAL “ACT” to avoid the pain of such!?! If the conjoining “member” of the ‘intimacy’ hasn’t “seen” to the PROPER PREPARATION “OF” that person shouldn’t be coupled “WITH” in the “first” PLACE…  The IDIOCY grows to proportions that are chasing many away from the industry of sedintarianism= that WOULD be TELEVISION / cable. To the folk that are trying to instill FEAR into “OUR” GROWING OLD…


Above AND BEYOND… ‘the CALL of “BOOTY”‘.




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