… their Goon

11 Jul

Cause  CELEB. Events centered, ( in this case “FORWARDED”, as in one of two positional designations for Mr. Neismith’s winter time physical invention performed around a PEACH BASKET.), upon a young Man that proved to be a ‘Man’ while in High School. The owners of his hometown Professional Basketball team made him a focus that brought a city closer to a championship than had been in MANY YEARS.

LeBron James left home when the ownership couldn’t surround the celestial talents to compliment a coronation to a group of with a CAVALIER attitude coming to “land’ at a peninsula town near the Equator, thus being called “the HEAT”. Wading  into TWO championships with the assisting charge of a Bosh the three legs of the throne that “milked” a myriad of magics until corralled by a group of Texans that SPURred  themselves to a Bonanza of RINGS.

“Pride” and, desire sated, Mr. James has returned his gaze at a settlement near where he grew UP. Legally able to ‘shop’ his talents around the finalizations “OF” have become a “season” of their own…


sport’s country all a-dangle
no sheepskin for a “fall”
the dark-star of round spangles
like E.T. “HOME” the call
the addage of “returning”
the truth of time and place
some welcome where once spurning
transfigured Goat to grace
desire the lure of prideful
grand touts from neighborhood
but like a great Magician
a breath long held is good
it’s time to draw the curtain
the market opens soon
though if you’re not returning
they’ll label you their Goon





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