31 Mar


It can’t be a wonder that the “weaker sex” IS the one with the “OUTSIDE COOLING UNIT”. Which doesn’t, unless it’s been sent to some sort of “repair” entity.

When this happens during a period of quasi “RULE” there is an unusual need to BLAME the malfunction on the estrogen generator. “Couple” this to the “cooling unit” getting caught within some sort of “binder” and, there WILL be a “SHOWDOWN to BRING A “hoe” DOWN.Even though the accused IS more INNOCENT than her QUARRY MASTER.


dear Colleen of Magdalaynah

was sifting ash they say

when Puffum Piltdown lost his tooth

couldn’t whistle harm away

he called friend the counsellor

to render cause lost toot

see Gibson Dunng you know the one

his record stands on self to boot

no need for real tight reasons

you’ve quite in front of you

but watch for subord’s treasons

if none believe you’re through

so Puffum called his conference

the neighbors all were shocked

as they got to the dias

there was Colleen’s name

covering the pile of rocks

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