Realizing “PAVLOV’S” Methodology

26 Mar


How many people do YOU think muttered, uttered, mused, BLURTED… “TOLD ‘YA”(!)  ?

‘THEY’ are FINALLY getting the GIST, (“…JUSTES), of Orwell, [1984], and, Herbert, [Dosadi] minglings of “socio-scientific”  “THUMBINGS”, ( by the NOSE and, UNDER one(‘s).). The “best and, the brightest” are merely WELL TRAINED CANIDS. Wiley, “SLY AS”, concerned about the ‘LOOK’ of THEIR lives. Bringing the newest “wheel” to transport the mind / imagination IS a WORTHY accomplishment. But, to IGNORE those that “helped to SET UP said SHOP” by NOT providing the restitution of ‘FAITH’ imbued IS the reason why too many look at “the ugly American”… especially when “THEY ARE ONE’S NEXT-DOOR NEIGHBOR “. The new age of FISCAL THUGGERY has commenced IN “EARN-IST”. Those that have their niche of ability are finding that “the few and the CROWD” CAN work miracles. The FEW just won’t dispense the “miracle” in return.

It’s an “ages old” condition that grows more intense as the WORLD gets more populated. If a “pathogen HAS no close transfer “item” it either goes dormant, OR DIES!


a spoiled child

may have

have not

but as they grow

what will they blot

so when a ship

contains their name

will there be glories

continued shames

to alpha chase

rend offering paw

not too far past

a jungle’s “law”




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