The ‘OPINION PAGE’ as Truth

18 Mar
BEASTIE BOYS settlement.
to WHOM this should concern:

Your article by Bruce Horovitz, USA TODAY 10:51 a.m. EDT March 18, 2014, IS COMPLETELY askew. The company GoldieBlox SETTLED WITH the group for their MISUSE of a COPYRIGHTED music’s LYRICS. As I gloss YOUR renditions of the “TRUTH” I find that making large amounts of money for writing false opinions is what your entity IS ABOUT. Thus making your Corporate monicker correct… U.S.A.-TODAY.

The above is what I sent to the ‘authorities’ of USA-TODAY.




Beastie Boys settle lawsuit with toy maker over ‘Girls’ parody ad


Bruce Horovitz

Bruce Horovitz

Bruce Horovitz is a marketing reporter with an unnatural urge to know exactly what gets stuffed into consumer shopping carts, consumer stomachs and consumer egos — and why. His professional passion is peeling off the layers behind the hype.
Well, and good, that the above is such an expert. As I’ve been known to do is to give credit where it’s due… and, to show “the reader” where to put on a mask for the toxicities of “truths” that large monied un-information groups splash the thought offals.
BUT, as the site title informs… YOU are just a “blind Horse”.
Tah-2, “D”

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