As “IF”, NOT “the” Movie

11 Mar




Pick “one’, ANY one “reason” that someone would choose to obliterate another’s LIFE. After you’ve pondered this ADD the mentality of ANY OTHER regional ‘reason’ for just such an act. There ARE MANY that will / are  / have / want to / PLAN TO. Include that the angst of how TWO BROTHERS, ( Jacob and Esau), became the MEN that “they HAVE”. Cover with the “baste” of History…

forgetfulnesses…so lightly touched upon in the Kevin Costner / Morgan Freeman version of “Robinhood”.

As we are, now, in the age of “instantaneous”, the film, “BLACK SUNDAY” appeared to the mind. “An” EVENT of “indeterminate” INTEREST BECOMES a WORLD-WIDE expression of ‘HATE’… Via the loading of extraordinary destructive material into a Passenger plane that’s “been lost”. The range makes for a myriad of possibilities. And, the fact that the “world’ could ‘loose’ something that large is “the great train’s robbery” in a nutshell.

I hope that I’m wrong on this. BUT, Sarah Palin WAS correct about Putin going into CRIMEA… UKRAINE.



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