… won’t be anymore

21 Feb

There’s just NO understanding.


In a time when the WORLD IS at so many of another’s throats there ARE those that would shave the DEFINING POINTS OFF a Pentacontagon.

Is there any wonder that the current ‘UBER Bundesverfassungsgericht’, appointed by the “PACHYDERM PRIDE”, HAS made ENOUGH (!) erosive rulings that the SWASTIKA is PAINTING ITSELF across a lot of HECTRES within these borders?
But, that WOULD mean that those, ( Mister Sharpton!!  “DON’T” get JEALOUS.), that have donned their capes to FIGHT these have taken their garments to their  dressers…


these pain filled repetitions
to keep that just not yours
you fled such inhibitions
and crossed to these here shores

what is the reason for such
rebuild a losing hand
no harmony of living
a one piece (brassed) marching band

but “live’ within that shelter
keep hermetically sealed doors
as your disease grows stronger
“yours” won’t be anymore


“It” hasn’t taken long for… (

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Posted by on February 21, 2014 in "history", poetry, politics


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