… those BORN ‘here’ BELIEVED

18 Feb



The “AT-WILL” state of employment, (, is being played to a HILT that IS going to ruin this Nation. When Corporations “are” PEOPLE, (, with a BULLY’S need to humiliate anyone that they please, it’s TIME for FLESH and BLOOD to  RE-appropriate,
(…is the cultural process by which a group reclaims—re-appropriates—terms or artifacts that were previously used in a way disparaging of that group), that which was instituted during times of HUMAN SERVITUDE , ( The atwill practice is typically traced to a treatise published by Horace Gray Wood in 1877, called Master and Servant.).

The problem IS that even though the INITIAL “reasoning” seemed “correct” at ITS TIME, SOCIETY “HAS” grown past the IDEOLOGY, which has become a TOOL that IS DESTROYING A POSITIVE FUTURE . As the nation NEEDS those with a work ETHIC and CREATIVITY, the ROBOTIC nature of the next “installation” of CITIZENRY HAS been FULLY indoctrinated into PAVLOV’S “guide”, salivating for any offal offered. What’s more is that the “genius” of them is so easily bypassed. (

Just how close are “we” to losing OUR ‘glorious'”rights” of Humanity’s beautiful experiment IS for them that truly DESIRE it. Instead of leaving it to those that believe without tasting the blessed ingredients’ healing nuances that remain UN-G.M.O.


dearest mister President
to stimulate
the ALL
‘nough moolah
for the “AT-WILL” clips
most’s income is at PALL
and if you’d tell the c.e.o.’s
to take care of the “least”
just maybe U.S. G.D.P.
turns famine toward small feast

the bills get paid
for hearth and home
the angers to subside
elected pay ATTENTION more
and not build CROOKS
more “slides”

most of all regain the PRIDE
to a BETTER Life
as those BORN ‘here’ BELIEVED

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