… no counting in-betweens

15 Feb



It may seem trite to the un, mis, or dis-“educated” of “HOW” a NATION ‘founded’ through the principles of “FAITH” and, its edicts of “[UNIVERSAL GOOD], (,http//, could forget [“LOVE THY NEIGHBOR”],(.http//, Which WOULD be the exact term and ‘ACTION’. To “look” at THEIR way of GETTING through THIS TIME IN THE WORLD. Then, make a way for a better traversal.

The times of the WILD WEST IS GONE. [B.BONNEY], (http wiki Billy the Kid), was a BULLY that WAS “taken to TASK”. And, though these past decades of a rise in “[BLACK-ON-BLACK]”, (http sf feature wp 2013 03 22 gun deaths shaped by race in america ), CRIME IS MORE DISGUSTING than the [“FEAR: ITSELF”] (. The ‘problem’ being regenerated IS that a “LAW” IS “allowing” a quicker type of “PERSONAL” [‘LYNCHING’], (./http//

The hope is that a SANITY can be re-instated within the DAILY meetings of the varied RACES that ARE the EXOTICALLY BASIC ingredients OF “THE MELTING POT.

though mostly YOURS
like many times
on OTHER’S shores

although agressed
I make you be
it’s My decision
my ’tis TO thee

and though most often
the life I’ll end
is one whose shade
no SUN depends

it’s been this way
since the seventeens
no counting in-betweens


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