… what’s at your back

02 Feb

The World IS being run by the ‘BULLY’. I DON’T even have to register a link to the fact. Those “we” elected into offices, those that “teach” our children to LIE AND CHEAT to get a position that affords them the “WHATEVERS” that they “want”.

But, the time of a world of BLUTOS is going to explode in places that these WEAK MINDED creche-dwellers need. It’s only a short time away. I’m clearing my space to witness the frivolities.

the crash of “thought”
the wants desires
all powered by overblown
estates so overgrown
with “afront-trees”
that quick violence
most often shown
to place such worth
on stupid’s terse
incarcerates the soul
you cannot stand
the “weaker” hand
must crush
to prove “the” point
reception’s fee
is NEVER please
displeasure to disjoint
around you strut
great thoughts “tut-tut”
all missive for the lack
it just may be
the reason why
you worry what’s at your back

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Posted by on February 2, 2014 in entertainment, JUST desserts, poetry


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