Deflective Criticism

26 Jan

Criticism, often severely used by those that [HAVE]  [LARGER] [ISSUES], IS being brought to the [“FORE”] by “Sir” [RAND PAUL] to bring “his” attempt to thwart Hillary Clinton’s bid to instill another ,(PROPER), ‘FIRST’ for the CITIZENRY and These United States of America. As we witness the nation that gave us the “Lady with the TORCH” and the Earthly problems of “POWER’S LIBIDO” the ‘grade school’ finger pointing comes naturally to those that used it “BEST”. And, ARE quickest to perfect their skills at any given opportunity.

Hillary Clinton WAS NOT in ANY of the rooms that William Jefferson and Monica Samille used to “STIPPLE” her blue dress. The ‘ACT(S)’ were poor ADULT decisions that ONLY the participants ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR.

The REPUBLICAN [“INCLUSIVENESS”] was put on display at their recent [“CONVENTION”], telling the NATION and THE WORLD the “general FLAVOR” of their standards of policy.

EVERYONE of these STATES, (and TERRITORIES.), have certain qualities that ARE a PART of “WHERE THEY LIVE”.  BUT, by accepting the PRIVILEGE of GROUP RULE the wrongness of HATES SHOULD have been WINNOWED OUT by NOW.

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Posted by on January 26, 2014 in culp-ability, politics


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