“Intelligent” OP-servations

21 Jan

Sarah Louise Palin…

Any “comment” rendered from this ‘FORMER’S’ “lips” can be compared to the equivalent of someone that engorges on copious amounts of EXTREME PEPPERS then sits in an enclosed shower stall to enjoy the “FRUITS” of the labor.



Although Barack H. Obama IS of TWO DISTINCT RACES it “SEEMS” that Ms. Palin “DOESN’T HAVE THAT “CLUE”.

As the “value” of WHO “we” vote to office is, mostly, a ‘HOPE’ at best the question of what the “fourth estate”  is being PRODDED to regurgitate to the  public is getting more, and more OBTUSE.

An example of past Palin expertise…

palinvadamsAs to “PLAYING THE RACE CARD  what BETTER day to sing some “stars and bars” than on the commemorative of a MAN named after one that ALSO brought HUGE REFORMATION.


“IT” doth seem that the “HIND-SET” displayed by “the MAJORITY” of America’s “up-and-coming” LEADERSHIP IS well [ON ITS WAY] to CONTINUE the path.


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