Some “comments” don’t get to YOU

19 Jan

It’s been over a year that this site has “seen” my gists / jests. I’d been looking at “freshly pressed” for a moment when ‘SERENDIPITY’ garnered attention via her AWWARD WINNING “DP” story [GONZO GEORDIE HAD AN AX] caught my attention. I read it and made a comment that read not too much like the following, ( I usually ms-wordpad a comment for proof but the password issue tripped me.)…

“The story reads like the BANNED movie “SONG of the SOUTH” with its 1940’s “NEGRO” dialectical jargon-istic , 40 year auld Bostonian “HIP-HOP” patterned speech patterns. It feels awkward for one that knows”STRANGE FRUIT” to have this type of emotion set to an event of this type… in this day and age… when the “MAJORITY” is [OBLIVIOUS] of how the “Melting Pot’ IS having the ingredients labeled in this day and age.”

After reading the other comments of congratulations the realization of just HOW “oblivious” the “majority” HAD become settled in when my comment WAS dismissed from the order. I DON’T blame the AUTHOR of the fact, she’d been writing for OVER 1800 posts to get THIS award for “FICTION”, a style not often attempted. It IS a GREAT WEIRD AL writer’s moment, “IT” was just that the moment coincided with too many “moments” that the observant observer will find ENTROPY ruling the “TOP”. I apologized for the observation. But, STILL, didn’t have the comment allowed.

But, YOU know the gist of the feeling rendered… “For the GREATER GOOD”.

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