15 Oct

were the “order” of the day
times have CHANGED, ruthlessly REARRANGED
though told NOTHING is here to stay

while the more feel “NEED” to store
the bounties that replicate
they ceaselessly roar through great few
that EONS took to make

the leaders bought, not often caught
and cronies shave their share
those that have tools are seen as fools
their gifts show how they care

the cheats are praised, their culpa unfazed
as wonders get kicked through curbs
they call for saving, their masses “graving”
yet ‘spectorate empty words

how long to be false entry fees
to the participations of promise and “wealths”
as the “WE” the People climb their POINTLESS STEEPLES
just to find ‘GOOD’ stored on dust caked shelves


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