25 Sep


If one “finds” the pic of “@katiebrady12” they’ll view the visage of the “AWL”- American ” CHURL,

(churl (chûrl). n. 1. A rude, boorish person.),

who just happens to claim “HUMANITY” as being a participant of it. Whatever “DEAR” Katie really “is” is specifically up to HER. The fact that the ingenue of this ‘cool-wave’ blunder was just seeking to express something of a plantation daughter’s attempt to “throw-down” a-bit-o’-the-“DOZENS” across the TWITTED’S SPHERE WITHOUT KNOWING the ACTUAL RULES, and thus has GROSSLY EMBARRASED herself. And those that “TAUGHT” her. Brunette, with an Orthidonic grillage of porcelineal “corn-through-fence” ability. Tank top gracing 33A “Swimmer’s muculature”, and an ‘action’ that SCREAMS for a DINER to BEWARE of the ‘cuisine’ from the “CHEF”.
I’m sure that on ANY other occasion that this girl turned CUR is a rather “fetching” specimen of WOMAN-HOOD, but, mistakes made through such a PUBLIC FORUM tend to “embrace” the purpetratress for a time longer than most can endure. Very sad that this act is just an example of what people are fighting to come to this country for… FREEDOM. Of Religion. Of SPEECH, a “STONED’S” throw from “religious” video productions.

Comparatively, this ranks with “Plushie Limppaw’s” ‘opinion’ of Sandra Fluke.


recommend: for what?

Name: Katie Since: 1894 days ago Location: Baltimore, MD Bio:
Lover of all things New England, Tom Brady, @BenShielder, and DMB. Friend, blogger, pink-a-holic, swimmer, writer, wannabe chef.

from USATODAY: “… Callous tweet”

by: Simon Samano,

Not sure if you’ve noticed or not, but there are plenty of morons on Twitter. You’re about to meet maybe the biggest moron of them all (I’ll do my best to keep it clean).
Sunday night’s game between the Patriots and Ravens was an emotional roller coaster, and this was especially true for wide receiver Torrey Smith, who learned earlier in the day that his younger brother, Tevin, had been killed in a motorcycle accident. Smith still played and courageously posted 127 yards receiving and two touchdowns to help Baltimore to a 31-30 comeback win dedicated to his brother.
It was a stirring performance that had to move anybody with a beating heart. There’s no way anybody, not even a bitter Patriots fan, would have the audacity to taunt Smith on Twitter. Right? Right?
Enter @katiebrady12, who sent out this disgusting tweet after Sunday night’s game: “Hey, Smith, how about you call your bro and tell him about your wi— ohhhh. Wait. #TooSoon?”
Yup, she went there. To the dismay of this blogger, as well as plenty of others, who turned her tweet viral by re-tweeting in shock that someone could be so callous.
Even Ray Rice responded: “@katiebrady12 smh u are terrible I hope you know the word karma”
In the interest of fairness only, we should note that the girl — who has since turned her profile private — seemed sorry late Sunday night, tweeting out apologies after she incurred the wrath of Ravens fans and people in general.
But, seriously, how could she type those words and hit send? Unbelievable.”

The best thing to do is IGNORE this HOMINID directly into extinction. Not by hounding STUPIDITY into a self-immolation, hanging, or overdose,but by ENSURING that she “SAVORS” ALL the time taken from Torrey Smith’s Young Brother.

The saddest part of this IS that this IS the Generation, that those who VOWED not to let the WORLD become so CALLOUS and INDIFFERENT, that will soon “LEAD” this nation through the next SEVENTY-FIVE years… Like it says in the BIBLE, (REVELATIONS) ‘IT, will be a THOUSAND years…

Testing the strength a ‘friendship’.[/capti

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