Brown Catholic Buoy Translates Plantation Ebonics

16 Sep

The conservative conclave of foreign academia just HAS to love Dinesh D’Souza.


The Bombay born child of serious MIDDLE-CLASS MODELING, ( His Father was an executive at Cincinnati based Johnson and Johnson. Can anyone make the connection to John Boehner type thinking?), with an aside of educational “POPE-POURRI”?

The same wonderful people that revealed their earlier OPINION of President Barack H. Obama, (Remember Liz Trotta musing about his assassination? ON AIR?), had presented Dinesh D’Souza’s conservative, ideological “MARCHING”, ( Sort of a dirge compared to John Phillip SOUZA’s briskness, and inclusiveness.), score to “attempt” to convince his ALABASTERED readership that President Obama “HAD” used “THE N-WORD” to LABEL his Grandfather, in the book “DREAMS of MY FATHER”…

(excerpt): “In one of the most remarkable passages in Barack Obama’s “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance,” he uses the terms “collaborator,” “Uncle Tom,” and “House nigger” to describe someone he detests. That someone, it turns out, is his own grandfather! We have a striking phenomenon here: the first African American president using the N-word, and to refer to his own grandfather! Ordinarily this would be occasion for massive comment and analysis, but if there has been any, I am not aware of it.

So what could possibly cause the president to describe his own grandfather in this appalling way? The answer, it turns out, provides an important insight into Obama’s character.”…

“DEAR” Dinesh. YES(!), Each of THOSE words are denigrating. Though, IF YOU HAD presented a FACTUAL DEFINITION FOR the those that have HERITAGE BOX SEATS at the GRAND OLE OPRY the truer weight of what was ACTUALLY being conveyed would have given your “OP” the understanding of a SON that was given LIFE through LOVE. And, NOT the PLANTAIONIST, STROM THURMOND-like “HIDE-THE-BABY” “Poli-TICKS” that YOU have gained by OSMOSIS. DO YOU ‘KNOW’ the reason FOR the TERMS that you’ve found as pebbles for your sling? DID you open a SINGLE page of the Encyclopedia of Black folklore and humor?


Did YOU even bother to ask a “collegue” if THEY knew ANY “OLDER NEGROES”, that could EXPLAIN these “OFFENSIVE” terms to YOU?


To make an E.D.U.C.A.T.E.D. pothis one must seek / SIKH the truest fruit for the mind to digest. It DOES appear that YOU are sowing GMO informations.

To end this, I present the “reader” with the content of your very OWN website returned as receipt for my contacting you…

Dinesh D’Souza
Sun, Sep 16, 2012 at 10:55 AM
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Dear D’Ellis,

Thank you for emailing! Due to the high volume of emails Dinesh D’Souza is receiving we (D’Souza and Staff) is not able to respond to all inquires. However, we will do our best to respond as we are able.

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Name: D’Ellis McCammon

Organization: THNQ Enterprises


Phone: ***-$**-****

Message: “Dear” Dinesh, As one who’s also read ‘Dreams of My Father’ AND *’RUJUB the JUGGLER’ the OUT OF CONTEXT “understanding” of WHAT a YOUNG, MIXED of two opposing racial ideological HISTORIES, and VERBIAGES said in a tome of explanation is absolutely REPREHENSIBLE for a ‘touted, “educated” man. Have you been so far away from the understanding of the SEPOY that you actually believe what you’ve wiped across the Internet? Just HOW would you explain, to your ALABASTER readership, what the meanings OF the 18th century Indian language TRANSLATIONS, (BY PROVINCE!), are TODAY? Your article is a ZERO, in every mathematical sense of intellectual volume.
My only personal question IS… When have YOU scheduled YOUR ‘SKIN BLEACHING’?…

* “Rujub The Juggler”, by G.A. Henty: A book written within the same time period of the American Slave Ownership.Taking place in British ‘held INDIA’. Giving the view of what Imperialism constricts when the “masters” are without knowledge of their “subject’s” previous ways of LIVING and COMMUNICATING.( A Book that tells a LOT of How Dinesh D’Souza has become what you “see”.)

With Dinesh’s racially colloquialistic prowess I have to wonder at what he’d “devine” on the typical African-American view of the ‘LAWN JOCKEY’? A first CLIE to ALL would be the name, JOQUE GRAVES. I’d love to read Dinesh’s take on this.


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