Hank Jr. “ID-DINT Gonna’ Lack Dis”

22 Aug

In THIS time of national ‘FEAR and LOATHING’…



… it appears that Regis’ CHAIR has finally been designated with an occupant that suits his ‘DEAR’ Kelly well, enough…

—michael-strahan-from-the-nfl/1 )

ABC= “A Black Co-host”.

… and, he’s in the form of someone who CAN HANDLE “the OPPOSITION”, Michael Anthony Strahan.

Since I don’t watch much television anymore I find that this decision IS flying in the face of a LARGE “SOME” of a particular segment com-promising /-prising the / this NATION and its ‘VALUES’.

I’ll bet GOOD MONEY that there isn’t the time that “young” Mr. Williams won’t be invited to guest on the show in the VERY NEAR FUTURE… Can OUI /WE say ratings equal to any THREE of the TOP ranked SUPER BOWLS!?! This could NOT have arrived at a BETTER TIME for this country, the ratings just from the HATE-FILLED will will make Nielsen decide to count to twenty-one NAKED, ( THINK about it.), talk about distress.

“Michael, you’re so SWAVE and DEBOANER”.

No matter WHAT happens during these weeks until the NATIONAL ELECTIONS, the OVERT and COVERT “campaign contributions” made by CORPORATIONS WILL be getting extreeeeemely more / (Moor?) creative… and, CONTROVERSIAL.

AND, won’t it be FUN to notice all the “wrinkled” noses, as the “stench” of the SIMMERING of “THE MELTING POT becomes as strong as the scent in a BRAWNY TOWEL?



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