“Welcome” A / “TO” America…

20 Aug

… “Education” by the Jersey shore*,


*SHORE UP (verb)
The verb SHORE UP has 1 sense:

1. support by placing against something solid or rigid.

With all the broo-ha-ah coming from “those” that felt the discretion, (1. “freedom” to act or judge on one’s own…”INTERESTS[?].), to claim the need and “right” of RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, in the form(s) of IMMIGRATION LEGISLATIONINGS, there is an interesting story coming from the State of New Jersey.

The crux of the entire ACT should disturb anyone that has a child in school who IS NOT of the “stock” of a Kennedy, Romney or Limbaugh. It has come to VERDICT that…
Fifteen or 16 students — there is disagreement over the exact number — at Camden’s Charles Sumner Elementary School were forced into the extraordinary action in 2008 by Vice Principal Theresa Brown after a classmate mistakenly spilled a water jug on the floor while re-filling a water cooler, the lawsuit states.”
According to The Camden Courier Post this “event” took place in 2008 where the ENTIRETY of those 15-16 fifth grade students were/ ARE SPANISH speaking children who WERE FORCED to EAT OFF THE LUNCH room FLOOR!!!


This IS a “small” warning to those Legislators that feel that it’s their “duty” to make sure this nation “maintains” the laws and “integrities” of its “founding Fathers”… “Each of the seven students named in the suit will receive about $31,500 apiece”. The suit gave a special Lesson to the School Board to the tune of FIVE-HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS! Let’s hear it for PAVLOVIAN “teaching” methods, all that was missing was the BELL… OH!, YES, there WAS a Bell. Do YOU believe that a “few” have gone off in (?) former Principal Brown’s MICRO-ENCEPHILITIC mind …YET?

The blessing IS that these children HAVE their COLLEGE tuitions PAID FOR(E!).

AND… Do YOU, THINK, that the Principal’s Resume’ will include this “event”!?!

Maybe, the title should have been…
a.)”WHY, In MY DAY”…
b.)”Spare the Stool, Spoil The Gruel”…


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