You ARE What You Eat

02 Aug

Ain’t it in-tressed-ing that a ‘man’ whose last name is feminine would wager a muti-million dollar business all because HIS RELIGION has “coupled” HATE* with the might of commerce and “G-D”, with the help of former REPUBLICAN Presidential as(s)pirant Mike Huckabee.#



Using that “age-old-Ah-mer-Kin” foreign language deciphering tool to arrive at the corporate moniker…

“Chick-fil-A”, (referring to “fillet”)…

coupling the “Suh-THUN” colloquialistic recognition to NCAA “PHUU-IT-BAWL” bowl games.( NO GAY MEN in the game.’Said the Blind Horse’.)

How peculiar that Esera Tuaolo* was probably playing when Chik-fil-A sponsored their FIRST bowl game, title sponsoring the Peach Bowl in 1994.


It’s “funny” that a single blurb describing a TOTAL event, (Lot), can *’TAKE’…


… (“on” the) “life” of a COMPLETE DECISION for the entire WORLD’S POPULATION is as intelligent as “KNOWING” that Jesus was / IS “WHITE” even though the TRUTH IS in EVERY PHOTO taken IN and AROUND where the Tigris and Euphrates,(BAGHDAD!!!), MARK the location of the “Garden of EDEN”. The saddest part of this idiocy is that IF these “COCK” SURE true believers would, (could), read the decisions of the First Council of NICAEA as to WHAT DID happen, and WHAT WAS LEFT “OUT” most of the TERRORS, ( the INQUISITION, the first concentration camps, SALEM MASS….), that “Scribes” edited INTO the “TOME of TRUTH”. This IS the “thought” that made the translator of the NEW TESTAMENT A MARTYR.


If people allowed GOD to do ‘HIS’ J.O.B. we’d have MORE FREEDOM AND PEACE

And, the “PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS” would be less DANGEROUS and MORE honest.

But, that’s just “me”.

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