TWELVE Blind Horses

12 May

We have arrived at the confluence* of “LAW” and “ORDER”,
as the “Human Condition”,
contracts upon itself as the girths of population
bloat by the fierce justifications of keeping the
purities of “WHO WE ARE”.

One of the most ardently contesting areas of this nation has proven to be the State of Florida…

a) The Trayvon Martin incident should be “enough”, though there’s a PRECEDENTIAL “moment” that has just “FISH-TAILED” around it on the prosecutorial banking of the same state attorney who is handling the Trayvon Martin case…


…maybe, hoping to establish the manufacture of a new “NAIL” for conviction.

b.) In the ‘STATE’ of Florida 455,000 homes are in foreclosure…


… Mr. Pino purchased his abode at $203,000, now being valued at $23,000.

The “world” hasn’t gotten any smaller, but the available amount of intelligence seems to not be so evenly dispersed among the populations. Knowing full,and well, that the more pride coupled to less ‘smarts’ equals… what we have NOW. And, instead of the ‘world’ ending, as predicted, on December 21, 2012 some infernal Archeologists found a Mayan Astronomers “school” room in Guatemala that gave “US” 6,000 plus more years. So much for the good news. The continued “winking and noddings will continue for some time more.

My deepest question to all this IS… HOW do “they” get the Horses to follow all those Carrots?


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