ISSUE Number ONE: the ‘WHACK’ History Review (21812)

18 Feb

There’s no time like the PRESENT. And, for the inauguration of something like this the “SOCIAL” thing to do is to go by…


Who would have conceived,( a “double entendre”.), that such a ‘lovely’ young woman would transmogrify into this?..

Over the past few years Elizabeth Trotta has been the feminine cackle of the CONSERVATIVE, (does this mean, another double entendre, “To NOT Serve?), Journalistic,( say that word with a “Scandinavian” accent.), forces.She has been the New York bureau ‘cheese’ from, ( DON’T touch “IT”.), The Unification Church OWNED WASHINGTON TIMES.( Not too long ago the LANTERN, of ‘THE’ Ohio State University ran an advertisement that was ANTI-MUSLIM. It was uncovered that the ADVISER okaying the ad was a former staff journalist at the Washington Times.)

The “interesting” fact of these feints-within-feints-within-feints is that, ( as you’ll learn.), the MEDIA providing our all too important daily knowledges are run by those who “seem” to have a ‘nefarious’ agenda. Liz works for FOX, an “information” entity with their incorporation ownership signature being that of one RUPERT MURDOCH, (, his “staff” fast becoming the FELONY news winners for BRIBING the British constabulary.

Liz, I say it this way because I have tremens thinking that this ‘woman’ could be married, has given us some extraordinary bytes of “thought”…

… And, most recently…(,

I have EVERY confidence that Liz Trotta WOULD NOT suffer the CRIMES she dismisses were SHE to go into a combat zone with a group of virile young men.For whatever durational proximity. Though quite offensive the following graphic has a distinctive truth displayed by what the “Trotta” pervasion is expressing. The “AGENDA”, (probably linked to the scripting of a “silioquist” of the Abode.)… From the MAY 26, 2008 article by Joyce Ladner Ph.D….

The list of the Conservative effrontery grows by their do nothing minutes. Caucasian male Politicians cover the fact that they’ve ogled the First Lady’s Physique through their statements about Her effectiveness on Childrens’ HEALTH and NUTRITIONAL ISSUES by DESCRIBING the FULLNESS of Her “seating” arrangement. These same have NO COMMENT when they hear of DE-TAIL-ED accountings of Jack Kennedy’s forcable, in-the-WHITE-HOUSE “tryst” with a barely-“OF”-“AGE” Page. ( Double entendre # 3.). Oh, have any of you LISTENED to the newly de-classified audio tapes of Mrs. Kennedy? Don’t they contain the SAME TIMBRE and “sultriness” heard during MARILYN’S “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” sonata?

I do believe that “TH-THH-, I can’t do this correctly, so, to all that read this, this IS how I’ve felt about your efforts. MORE TO COME…

So, to ALL you BLIND HORSES out there. Make sure the “OATS” you’re so concerned about are contained in YOUR ‘BUCKETS’. (Double entendre #4)

From: the Files of, wow,the TIMING of this POST is “read-i-culous”…


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