What NICKNAME Will Describe YOUR Term(s)

15 Feb

As the coming election is just a few months away I have wondered WHAT “ENDEARING” nickname will be bestowed on Barack Hussein Obama? I’m NOT going to request any from the reader !

From George Washington, The American Cincinnatus, like the famous Roman, he won a war, then became a private citizen instead of seeking power or riches as a reward. He became the first President General of the Society of the Cincinnati, formed by Revolutionary War officers who, also, “declined offers of power and position to return to home and plough.”. With Stephen Grover Cleveland,it was the “Stuffed Prophet”, and the “Elephantine Economist”. Given to him by hostile newspapers during the 1892 presidential election, by which time his weight had gone up to 250 pounds. Touching upon Harry S. Truman,”Give ‘Em Hell Harry”, (also a campaign slogan), a term fully understood in HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI, Japan.

The University of Michigan Football playing Leslie Lynch King, Jr. Known to us as Gerald Rudolf Ford, Jr.was known as “Mr. Nice Guy”. Because of his clean-cut and non-partisan image. There’s “Dutch”, Ronald Wilson Reagan, “the Great Communicator”, in reference to Reagan’s ability to communicate.

The not too distant past gave us the “First” Black President*,William Jefferson Blythe III, know to the ‘World’ as William Jefferson CLINTON
*Used by Toni Morrison in reference to the African Americans tropes surrounding Clinton’s candidacy. Now in ‘less’ common usage after Obama’s election.

It’s fast approaching T-MINUS time. Will there be “NO DRAMA” for OBAMA? If there IS a SECOND term for what cutesie colloquialism will find it’s TICK-like prowess to stealthily stick itself under Mr. Obama’s “DONKEY-ESQUE hide ?


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