Speaking “SOFTLY”…

09 Feb

…While TAKING their “BIG STICKS” and poking “them” in the “eye” with it!

Richard John Santorum, TOOK the Romney-Gingrich trains and PROVED, like the Casey Jones POEM ( …” That MOTLEY CREW”… that being “ON THE SAME TRACK” isn’t the best tactic when you’ve got an important JOB. The following is the most current on the Republican question of WHO will go head-too-head with the President.

Results for U.S. Republican Presidential Primaries
State Gingrich Paul Romney Santorum reporting
02/07 CO 12.8% 11.8% 34.9% 40.3% 100%
02/07 MO 12.2% 25.3% 55.2% 100%
02/07 MN 10.8% 27.1% 16.9% 45.0% 99%
02/04 NV 21.1% 18.8% 50.1% 10.0% 100%
01/31 FL 31.9% 7.0% 46.4% 13.3% 100%

The new rules of MONEY have seen a new dictum come into “play”. The “funny” fact of it is that for ALL the MONEY spent by the Mitt-Newt *”CURTAIN MANUFACTURING COALLISION ” Mr. Santorum has played a masterful mid-quarter chess match, successfully pinning the “bishops'” working the ‘Spanish’, ( inquisitorial), opening of weaving diagonally across the Caucuses. All the while being thwarted by “the Pawn” acting like a ROOK in his linear focus.

This is what the *”CMC” factory is telling folks what Rick Santorum is saying…

I do believe that there are many hangers-ons finally getting to peep inside the media trailers of Mitt-Newt. And are beginning to see how Pavlov’s notes are being used… with the ‘help’ of other “supreme” minds.
This is how CNN saw it… (
gIQAotclzQ_story.html?tid=pm_politics_pop)… And, their NOT about to be “OUTFOXED“.

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