The ‘Boob’s’ Better Brightwork Business Builders Guide

04 Feb

I know, I KNOW. You ‘spire, (“A”, per or tran…), over the concept, thought, words, context, order and “style” of a “POST”. You’ve done the / some research of that topic that you BELIEVE will garner, grab, gesture someone to hit the ENTER button after eagerly moving their cursor to hover to the exact pixel of selection.
AND, for what ? “FOR” all the geekdilocs’ who’ve been goaded into the “AMERICAN SCHOOL of PLASTIC CUBICLE-DUMB”… An “Au-frill-E-ATE” of the “Greater Lower Frumpsburg Chamber of Coersed Cohortisation”. Trained “ver-cur” ain’ts that follow a form-ewe-la, (a note to follow “SO”!).

That form-ewe-la is to PAY a company that has thoroughly read the “E-VARD” Bid-NIZ Pee-Dea-Ehf,(Perfunctory Doltic Fallicy). This bit of gawd-thought is soled / soiled by consistent peeping through Blog sites with sole ownership and staffing, thus the perfect targeting for the classic group back-track DUMP. They figure that the sheer/ shear numbers of,(possible NON.), SPAM present will make the “cyber-warden” lazy enough to “pass” the ALEXA’d percentage on, through the sentry’s bobbing mouse trap on to the “street-strumpet-swing” of ‘cross avenue ” Hey, WHAT’S THAT !?! Making them that all-mighty ‘Drachma’ as legitimate as a Washington Mutual House Note.

Come on (!) you get ’em too. What do YOU do “AH-BAU-DIT” !?!
Me? I delete them all. If you can’t do “Bid-NIZ” properly… who needs YOU?

Oh, for those that haven’t “performed” any M.A.N.U.A.L. L.A.B.O.R., “BRIGHT -WORK” is the managerial description of presentation for the FAUCETS, and such, in a Bathroom*.If you didn’t know you shouldn’t be stayin’ at all them “SLEAZ-A-LAUTS”.

*”DAT’S SHY-KNEE, George” o

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