A, Not Very, Social Experiment

30 Dec

The state of “Humanity”, within the confines of capitalism, have a strange and telling truth. We are still a HERD / “HEARD”, we WILL follow whatever, to wherever,to get a “what”. The cost of travel, danger or dignity is MOOT. (The above picture is of swarming birds. They’re a “representation”.)

What is the speciality of the view? It is the basis of a proposal of invitation to a gist. This WORLD has adopted the functions of “work” in the form of a group effort to benefit the individual needs of “existence”, those that have the skills to procure “MORE” for the group are afforded the greater amount of “sustenances”. ( This is either by the TAKING/ ‘ALPHA”/ aggressions, or via RECEIVING/ “alpha”/ renumerations.)
We, in the U.S. have the Pavlovian guidings that “a little is good but, MORE is better”… with COPIOUS being the reflection of the “self’s” worth. We are seeing this as the poisoned Carrot that it is. Just look at all the articles and PEOPLE that, TRUTHFULLY, tell ALL FIVE of your senses different. Which gets me to my “THIRD-GRADE” socio- economic, “GROUP” experiment. ( Hopefully this will take a “viral” path, even unto showing its own “MENE-MENE” to our “elected”.).

This morning was a mild,”crisp”, damp one. I live close to a large park that contains over twenty Baseball fields. Surrounded/ lined with urban “forestations” and their assorted faunas. Thus, there are many types of feathereds that take care of the insects and such. Getting me to those feathered. It’s the time that the Katydids AREN’T, and the Ladies aren’t “Buggin'” the Aphids on the Roses. The FOOD sources have been altered with the way the Bipeds are playing AT Alpha. I’ve noticed that, when I first moved “here”, there were small groups of twenty to thirty Sparrows, Grackles, Finches, Crows and such. The neighbors, almost, all have some sort of Bird feeder at the front porch area. I prefer to toss them a “meal”. And, THAT’S where this post gets its “meat”. You’ve read the above, so here’s “what”. I took three slices of Bread, (Wheat, for their health.), and a single-serving packet of Oats, the Bread being around an Ounce combined, the Oats at equal. Having taken these to the “courtyard” I tossed the the slices into “a” triangle configuration. The Oats were then sprinkled as three piles close to the slices. The Sparrows were first, soon followed by the Grackles, trying to “MUSCLE” away chunks, instead of manageable pieces. Around SIXTY birds descended on the slices. Five minutes later there wasn’t any left… The piles of Oats are STILL there.One-Half HOUR later.
The crux of this, and US, IS that the “LARGE” was what was desired, and fought over. The Oats were AS ACCESSIBLE but, the “lack” of the visual volume, combined with the HERD’S innate blindnesses LEFT the EQUAL amount of food to ‘ROT’.
Try this yourself and, see if this analogy is false… of it and US.

I looked, for over fifteen minutes, to find a photo of a NON ETHNIC child getting a meal from a “refuse” container, after six different descriptions and going through about seven pages each GOOGLE has shown ITS hand in the prosperity myth. There was NOT a single view of a BLONDE or RED HAIRED child… only African, Asian, South American. THIS IS TRUE, Right? And, they WILL explain that, “THIS, is what was given us”.


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