FAKE Obama rousted by Pachyderms

19 Jun

Just because “THEY” all look alike. That is, “probably”, the compelling reason that this man…

… was chosen to be in New Orleans for the Republican “LEADERSHIP” Conference. His name is [Reggie Brown].
Is there ANY wonder how so many folk of European heritage find it “challenging” to CORRECTLY IDENTIFY those that they don’t readily recognize from College, or Professional, Television sporting events !?! As to how well event organizer [ANTHONY DAVIS] could make such a SPECTACULAR MISTAKE is beyond all reasonable research practices in this case ! No respectable, highly waged politic-oh would allow such. This get together in GNAW-LENS is the perfect location for the GOP to serve “up” as much Democrat [OFFAL] that they scrape together, but the first course was, (typically), presented to very unsuspecting palettes.
It’s always a great “party” when the hosts provide such ILLUMINATING ENTERTAINMENT to begin the festivities !
As I’d like to give you the entire YOUTUBE video clip I find that the extraneous banner-fill here covers the “insert” tabs when attempting to update one’s articles from non windows 666. But, if you travel to YOUTUBE, (, you’ll see the entire piece of American politicking policy in all of its glory.


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One response to “FAKE Obama rousted by Pachyderms

  1. V.D. Coleman

    January 17, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    WOW!!! He does look like the current president or could at least be his body double!



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