Taking OVER…

09 Jun

… How history is tracked to show the “future”.
Isn’t it “funny” how that we’re in the age of the truest of ‘wonders’ in that we can look [NORMAL] talking to the “air” ? But, the “air” is [INTENT] on your “every” word.
CONTROL is the key intent of what’s happening today, and seems to have been for quite some time. The problem is that they just CAN’T control WHAT we think, to the larger degree, but they CAN control the powers of its directions. Usually by [FEAR]. And, a healthy dose of [FINGER POINTING] by those [EVEN] [\"REMOTELY\"] [INVOLVED] As we, really, begin to take a serious LOOK into the happenings of the world it’s also time to use the ART of ASKING THE PROPER QUESTIONS to make a true CHOICE of how, and WHAT, we want our lives to be.

LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS is what we’re trying to get others around us to embrace. BUT, we can’t do so if we continue to allow GREED to guide the JOURNEY… to leave a path to a “Gingerbread House”.

the two SMART kids.

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