… Never “WIN”

As we are inundated by the sheer magnitude of STUPIDITY, by those that ‘believe’ “THEIR” way of “life’ IS the “best” for all, that has been growing over the past months I have been “caught” into the net of the PATHOGEN. Since I will not divulge the “WHO THEY ARE” I hope that they can be lead to this site to READ about themselves and, how bad the sickness has become…


can’t wait ’til

God breaks YOU


of a “taste”


it’s sad that

you’re of the “KIND”

Soul indebted

for slight “wealth”

installments have a way

compounding under skin

but You ARE the ‘BET’




In attempting to be what was advertised as better “WE” have become the reason of the DEMISE.


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… born as COB



there’s quite a “few”

just waiting

with note-tomes

full of “new’

but waiting for

the “big break”

has grown more

to eschewed

the “most completed”


the brilliances

long held

the “day-to-day”

keeps filing

one Einstein could

have spelled

the genius of continue

hides futures seldom reach

it’s GOOD to

see electeds

in practice in the breech

but they can turn

back forward

safety in THEIR JOB

not to suffer yearly

existence born as COB*

(* see:15.)/ 16.)


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… lest “WE” forget



In the “game” of War and HATE “playing” fair isn’t what those that profess “right” want to allow “us” to have MEMORY OF….


as told as child

when pointing ‘wrongs’

for one directed

three hold strong

and even though

the fault be vast

sail’s varied designs

but not of masts

a latest “oops”

will cost most dear

though remembrances

are that most feared

“we” are but ‘Human’

the World’s “thinking” florettes

within a “garden”

lest “WE” forget



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“Old Age”

As the last section of the “Baby Boom” era I find that the following generation has NO CLUE to the “WHATS” that are ‘in store’ for them. The medical INDUSTRY IS hand-in-hand, with companies that believe they CAN override the CREATOR’S rule book. And, through the ‘mushiness’ of the latest grey matters, the simplicity of “BARNUMIZATION” provides an easement into the conditions of their “lives”. As the BOMBARDMENTS of sales tactics grows ever MORE brusque… Since when does an OLDER WOMAN “NEED” to ingest / inject a “MATERIAL” to facilitate the ability to perform a CONJUGAL “ACT” to avoid the pain of such!?! If the conjoining “member” of the ‘intimacy’ hasn’t “seen” to the PROPER PREPARATION “OF” that person shouldn’t be coupled “WITH” in the “first” PLACE…  The IDIOCY grows to proportions that are chasing many away from the industry of sedintarianism= that WOULD be TELEVISION / cable. To the folk that are trying to instill FEAR into “OUR” GROWING OLD…


Above AND BEYOND… ‘the CALL of “BOOTY”‘.




… their Goon

Cause  CELEB. Events centered, ( in this case “FORWARDED”, as in one of two positional designations for Mr. Neismith’s winter time physical invention performed around a PEACH BASKET.), upon a young Man that proved to be a ‘Man’ while in High School. The owners of his hometown Professional Basketball team made him a focus that brought a city closer to a championship than had been in MANY YEARS.

LeBron James left home when the ownership couldn’t surround the celestial talents to compliment a coronation to a group of with a CAVALIER attitude coming to “land’ at a peninsula town near the Equator, thus being called “the HEAT”. Wading  into TWO championships with the assisting charge of a Bosh the three legs of the throne that “milked” a myriad of magics until corralled by a group of Texans that SPURred  themselves to a Bonanza of RINGS.

“Pride” and, desire sated, Mr. James has returned his gaze at a settlement near where he grew UP. Legally able to ‘shop’ his talents around the finalizations “OF” have become a “season” of their own…


sport’s country all a-dangle
no sheepskin for a “fall”
the dark-star of round spangles
like E.T. “HOME” the call
the addage of “returning”
the truth of time and place
some welcome where once spurning
transfigured Goat to grace
desire the lure of prideful
grand touts from neighborhood
but like a great Magician
a breath long held is good
it’s time to draw the curtain
the market opens soon
though if you’re not returning
they’ll label you their Goon





… won’t succeed

This “kind’a” wrote itself. Google “News'” multiplications of MANY of the events around this Orb is ATROCIOUS. Add the ‘income’ working costs of all involved in the GATHERING of such and, the NEED of renumerances IS necessary. BUT(!), when the concentration of a reader is INTERRUPTED by an INANE PRODUCT of NO INTEREST to one that Google HAS “STUDIED” is AN INSULT to those of us that consider “written communications / expression” a SKILL / RIGHT.

If the many that have a stake in HOW to present a CONSISTENT flow of “USERS” to its ‘service’ would allow for those to make the decision by QUALITY “OF” there may be resurgence of PEOPLE using such for THEIR ‘BENEFIT’.

it’s NOT “NEWS”
if circulation “IS” the goal
provide some interest
some KNOWLEDGE strolled
the competition
IS quite strong
gives path that’s LONG
to cut through interest
of the ‘lead’
is making SURE
enter-prize won’t succeed

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